• JWSC2020

    Our vision of the "BEACON EVENT"

JWSC 2020

International New Talent, Training and Competition Centre

The Erzgebirge winter sports and tourism region in the state of Saxony is putting the future at the heart of the project planning and realisation of the junior world championship. The approach rests on three key themes: COMMUNITY, DEVELOPMENT and SUSTAINABILITY. These world championships offer an outstanding opportunity to achieve widespread impact. On top of that, they have the potential to become a symbol of the community of junior athletic and competitive sporting sites in Saxony. Under the motto Together for winter sports in Saxony, the region is seeking to develop into an international centre for training and competition in the medium term, not only safeguarding the elite sports sites in Saxony but strengthening tourism development throughout the year.


The Erzgebirge: Business Location and Tourism Magnet

The Erzgebirge is already associated in people’s minds with more than just mining and deep forests. There’s a reason people here say, “We’ve gone from underground to the top of the world!” Nevertheless, it helps if the region strives to send the right messages and is supported in implementing its ideas. Centuries-old traditions and authentic people with a close connection to the region provide an outstanding foundation for successful tourism. Artisanal crafts, tenacity and a love of innovation are the ingredients of worldwide success for many entrepreneurs in the industry, and are characteristic of the “Made in the Erzgebirge” concept. The common factor across all these industries is the passion many people here have for sports, with 465 clubs and associations counting 53,268 members between them. The health resort of Oberwiesenthal, the highest town in Germany, is where many of them are shaped into globally successful elite athletes. The 388 medals won by our athletes at the Olympic Games and at world and European championships are impressive evidence of these achievements. All these factors set the stage perfectly for the success of the 2020 Junior World Championships in the health resort of Oberwiesenthal. Through organised and visionary implementation, we will achieve clear image benefits for the Erzgebirge business and tourism region.

The Cosmopolitan and Sport-loving State of Saxony

Located at the heart of Europe – right on the border of Poland and the Czech Republic – and with global transport connections from its three buzzing metropolises, our state is making an important contribution to stability and positive development in both Germany and the European Union. Our country is facing the challenge of securing what we have achieved as well as driving continuous, positive development. Alongside central economic issues, our reputation as a cosmopolitan state with a passion for sport is of particular importance. Using the synergies of winter sports centres and locations in Saxony, the state can establish itself alongside Bavaria and Thuringia as a key region for competitive winter sports in Germany.