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    Fichtelberg Ski Jumping Complex / Sparkassen Ski Arena

Sports Venues

Sports Venues at JWSC 2020

Up-and-coming athletes are the focus of attention at these sites. Rankings will be adjudicated, medals will be awarded, and spectators will be able to watch tomorrow’s sporting greats up close as they set off on cross-country trails and launch themselves from ski jumping platforms.

The events of the 2020 FIS Nordic Junior and FIS U23 Cross-Country World Championships will take place at the same training venues used by Saxon Olympic athletes and world championship contestants to polish their performance in preparation for big international competitions. The existing Am Fichtelberg ski jumping complex and the Sparkassen Ski Arena will be renovated and modernised for the JWSC 2020 over the course of the coming months to provide athletes from all over the world with facilities worthy of fair and exciting competition.

The town’s market square and outdoor stage are perfectly suited as a central venue for the awards ceremonies and the JWSC’s supporting events.

Sparkassen Ski Arena

The Sparkassen Ski Arena cross-country trail is located about 4 km from the centre of Oberwiesenthal in a forested area near the approach to the Fichtelberg mountain. At 1,100 m above sea level, the trail is one of the most reliably snowy sites for cross-country skiing in Germany. The cross-country skiing competitions and the Nordic combined racing events take place at this location. The Ski Arena is also the starting point for the tourist cross-country skiing trails, which extend across national borders over the entire Erzgebirge ridge and the Vogtland region. And outside training and competition times, amateur cross-country skiers can try out the ups and downs of the JWSC 2020 trail for themselves. Along with the cross-country ski lodge, the trails – equipped with snow machines and prepared daily – represent a unique cross-country experience covering the whole Erzgebirge region.

Fichtelberg Ski Jumping Complex

The ski jumping complex is close to the town of Oberwiesenthal and is integrated with the alpine skiing area on the Fichtelberg mountain. The site has a long history: the first big ski jumping hill at this location was opened in 1938. Besides the K95 “Fichtelbergschanze” ski jumping hill, which will be used for the Junior World Ski Championships, the complex includes a further six children’s and junior jumping hills used for the training of athletes at the Oberwiesenthal federal sports base. All ski jumping events for the ski jumping and Nordic combined disciplines will take place here. The Nordic combined jumping events for the Summer Grand Prix have been held at the Fichtelberg ski jumping complex since 2010.

It’s clear that a sporting event of this size is about more than just the competitions. For all the awards ceremonies, for the opening and closing celebrations and for supporting events, we invite all spectators to join us in the market square in the centre of town and at the outdoor stage at the foot of the alpine skiing area. We will celebrate the winners and other participants and come together to mark the end of this special tournament.