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Media Contact & Accreditation


For media enquiries or questions about accreditation, please contact our press officer:

Ms. Judith Pieper-Köhler 
media@jwm2020.de | +49 170 4854816


When posting to social media, we request that you use the hashtags #jwm2020, #jwsc2020 or #hERZchampions.


• People in possession of a valid press pass for a journalist’s association in Germany or abroad,

• People from inside or outside Germany who can demonstrate their (photo)journalism activities by the following means:

- by presenting bylined articles no more than six months old at the time of the event,

- by presenting a masthead, no more than six months old at the time of the event, in which you are listed as an editor, permanent member of editorial staff, or writer,

- by presenting a written commission for journalism related to the event from an editorial department,

- by presenting a testimonial no more than six months old stating that you work for a student publication or by presenting a valid youth press association pass,

• Press photographers who can demonstrate that they work in a journalistic capacity​​​​​​​

Evidence should be provided in German or English. There is no right to accreditation.


Press Pass

Media Accreditation

The media accreditation process is closed now. If you missed it and still wish to attend the event, please send an email to media@jwm2020.de